Alan, Self-Employed Carpet Fitter, Maidstone.

I’m a self-employed carpet fitter, and have been a client of Gary’s for about 8 years and I’m very pleased with both the service and price. His help with the accounts is much appreciated, as is sorting out my VAT and income tax requirements.

Charlotte, Self-Employed Cakes & Chocolates, Maidstone

As I am far better at balancing cakes than my books, Gary’s account services are brilliant for my cakes & chocolates business. His turnover is fast and reliable and he is very patient with my lack of accounting knowledge. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary to my family and friends.

Bryan, Self-Employed Builder, Ashford.

Gary is flexible for meetings, meaning I don’t lose time when I could be working (I’m a self-employed builder) like I would if I was using a firm of accountants. Professional service.