Self-Employed Tax Services

photo of a gardener at work, illustrating that they are typical small-business tax and accounts customers for GK Taxation Services

If you receive income from self-employment you are required to file a UK personal tax return, even if you don't make a profit.

Regardless of what you do for a living, whether you're a sole trader, contractor, freelancer, construction industry subcontractor or a small business, if you're registered self-employed GK Taxation Services Ltd offers a bespoke self-employed tax service including accounts and UK tax return.

Our Self-employed tax service is priced from £175 for 1 trade set of accounts and related UK personal tax return. Prices vary according to how you keep your trade records, the volume of trade income and expense items in the year and the number of additional separate income types reportable on the UK tax return.

For all our self-employed accounts clients we are also able to process weekly or monthly staff payroll, payslips and RTI submissions. Price plans for self-employed business payroll services - up to 9 employees.

If you are self-employed in the UK and required to file a personal tax return then please call us, or follow this link to send an email.

Self-employed business payroll services - up to 9 employees:

Monthly wages, payslip and RTI submission - £60 (no VAT) per year, per employee (£5 monthly).

Weekly wages, payslip and RTI submission - £180 (no VAT) per year, per employee (under £3.50 per week).

Year end employer returns - £40 (no VAT) per year, per employee.

Self-Employed Tax Services

from £175 (non-VAT)

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